Please don't feed the trolls

Protesters have always been a side-feature of Queensland's biggest pro-life rallies.  They are there because they see an organised and unified pro-life movement as a clear threat to their agenda.  It also fits in nicely with their social calendar of things to protest against.

These are not your average citizens who are protesting.  They are the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) who believe that it's okay to kill preborn babies.  They don't value objectivity, so it's absolutely no use trying to argue with them.  Their only interest on the day is to censor free speech through mob action.  This is why they carry on with the yelling, making as much noise as possible to prevent you hearing the truth. 

Information control is a key component of how SJWs operate.  Why?  Because their ideas come about by feelings and consensus and do not survive scrutiny.  In the face of scientific facts their beliefs are laughable, hence scrutiny is to be avoided at all costs.

Do not argue with them as they will deliberately become combative.  Their goal is that if media are present and filming, then what can be cast as an "outbreak of violence" or "chaos" becomes the angle of the story that makes it on to the news.  This, again, would censor the real message of the rally from getting through.

What groups come to protest?  People like the Socialist Alternative, Resistance and the Women's Collective.  By sheer coincidence socialist and communist countries such as China use forced abortions as a means to controlling their population.  The abortion businesses also support these pro-abortion protesters.

As always, the Queensland Police Service will be there on the day.  They do a wonderful job of keeping the protesters at bay and enabling the event to proceed safely.